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Conservatives response

Reply to our election letter from Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservatives leader

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Labour response

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar's reply to our election letter

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Campaign poster

Print at home poster ‘we need a recovery plan for people and planet’

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Letter to the First Minister

We wrote to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon laying out our five steps for a Just and Green Recovery.

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Lib Dems response

Reply from Willie Rennie, Scottish Lib Dem leader, to our election letter

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Election demands

We sent this letter to the main parties standing in the Scottish election

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Campaign poster

Print at home ‘build back better’ poster to display in your window!

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Local organising kit

Guide to getting started with a local campaign for Just and Green Recovery in your community.

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Greens response

Lorna Slater, co-leader of the Scottish Greens, replies to our election letter

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Election briefing

The Just & Green Recovery policy ideas for building a fairer, greener Scotland

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Just and Green Recovery briefing

Our briefing for MSPs lays out some of our key issues and demands for building back better.

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Guide to meeting your MSP

Our top tips on finding out who your MSPs are, how to contact them and how to have a successful meeting.



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National Care Service

The UK’s response to the coronavirus left vulnerable people and the heroes that care for them unprotected. Never again. It’s time for a national care service.

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Time to Reset

This inquiry by a Westminter All Party Parlimentary Group shows people in the UK want a fairer, greener society post COVID.

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Green Jobs Recovery

How green jobs and climate action help deliver a just and green recovery in Scotland.

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A Global Financial Reset

Exiting the permanent crisis in the global South - debt cancellation, tax reform & a global reset.

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People’s Recovery

New report from the Scottish Trades Union Congress on a People’s Recovery.

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Wellbeing Economy for Scotland

Will the Scottish Government’s pledges actually deliver a Wellbeing Economy?

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Tenants' Manifesto

A plan to rebuild a fair, just, affordable housing system for all tenants in Scotland.

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A COVID-19 vaccine for all

The race is on to find a COVID-19 vaccine. When a vaccine is finally developed it should reach anyone who needs it, not just anyone who can afford it.



Economics 101: Beth Stratford

Economics within Environmental Limits

A National Care Service

Why the time is now right for a National Care Service (1 min video)

Just & Green Recovery webinar

An introduction to the campaign and key issues.

Economics 101: Richard Murphy

A look at government funding

Talking to your MSPs about a Just & Green Recovery

Recording from our workshop on preparing for a great meeting with your MSP

Economics 101: Laurie Macfarlane

An overview of the current economic system and why it is failing people & planet.

Rebuilding our economy

STUC webinar