On Thursday 6th May, people across Scotland will cast their votes for the next Scottish Government and Parliament.

The people we elect will be responsible for delivering Scotland's recovery from this pandemic.

Just 6% of people want to go back to how things were before the pandemic. Recovery cannot mean a return to 'normal' where so many were struggling to make ends meet. 


We're calling on all parties to commit to a just and green recovery from the pandemic that puts people and planet first. 

The next Scottish Government must protect those who've been hit the hardest during the pandemic - by creating thousands of well paid jobs and a decent income for all so nobody has to go to bed hungry, investing in our NHS, a National Care Service, and 

We've written to the leaders of the five main political parties in Scotland, asking them to deliver a Just & Green Recovey after the election.

Read our letter to party leaders, and our election briefing.


Tweet the party leaders, and ask them to support a Just & Green Recovery.

.@NicolaSturgeon what will the @SNP do in the next parliament to ensure a just, green recovery from Covid19? #BuildBackBetterScot 


.@AnasSarwar how will @ScottishLabour seize this opportunity for change after May 6th #SP21 and deliver a just green recovery? #BuildBackBetterScot


.@willie_rennie Back to Normal isn’t good enough! Will @scotlibdems be ambitious in ensuring a just green recovery from Covid19 in the next parliament #SP21? #BuildBackBetterScot


.@Douglas4Moray we need to tackle inequality and climate change as we #BuildBackBetterScot after Covid19. What will @ScotTories do to ensure a just green recovery? 


.@patrickharvie @lornaslater how will @scottishgreens seize this moment #SP21 for the common good and #BuildBackBetterScot?