We’re calling for a recovery plan that strengthens public services, protects workers, reduces poverty and inequalities, tackles climate change and gives everyone a say in the decisions that affect them.


We know we can’t go back to ‘normal’ when one in five people in Scotland were living in poverty.


It’s time to reprogramme our economy so that it works for all of us. A wellbeing economy that protects people and our environment.

This is a time for system change.


1. Provide essential public services for people, not profit. 

Expand public ownership of public services and boost investment. Create a national care service, strengthen the NHS and cradle-to-grave education, and create zero-carbon social and cooperative housing instead of buy-to-let. 

2. Protect marginalised people and those on low incomes by redistributing wealth. 

Provide adequate incomes for all instead of bailouts for shareholders. Significantly raise taxes on the wealthy. Ensure all public workers receive at least the real Living Wage and strengthen workers’ rights. Protect the people who have been worst affected by COVID-19.


3. Meet Scotland's Fair Share of climate emissions cuts and restore nature.

Provide new funds for climate action and biodiversity. Create and protect good, green jobs in sustainable travel, renewable heat, affordable local food and energy efficiency. Ambitious green job opportunities for young people and support a just transition and retraining where whole industries are affected. 


4. Strengthen democracy and human rights. 

Enable full scrutiny of planning and policy decisions. Create an independent Recovery Commission founded on participatory democracy to engage and empower communities, trade unions and civil society. Introduce fundamental human rights into Scots law so that safety nets are always in place for the most vulnerable.


5. Offer solidarity across borders by supporting an international Coronavirus and climate emergency response. 

Ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, support global debt cancellation and increase climate finance for developing countries.  Use the UN climate talks in Glasgow to push for global climate action. Ensure all domestic action supports global sustainable development goals. 


You can read our letter to the First Minister here.




Just and Green Recovery Scotland is backed by almost 90 organisations from churches to charities and trade unions to grassroots groups, working across issues as diverse as health, housing, economy, environment, poverty, racial justice and more.

At the root of all the different issues we work on, is an economic system that puts profit before people or planet. Working together, we have the best chance for real change.

If your group or organisation would like to add your support to the campaign, please fill in this form. 


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